Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lucien Paul Gobeil

July 8, 1950 - May 24, 2012

The news arrived, not unexpected, but still weighing heavy.

My brother Luc had cancer.  Despite numerous surgeries and interventions, this dreaded disease took his life, as it did Dad's, and Mom's, and many other relatives.

Luc lived big.  He worked hard, played hard, and never flinched at what life sent his way.  He made fortunes, lost fortunes, and spent every waking moment in pursuit of learning something new.  He was a barrel of a man, chopping trees, cutting stone, designing and building his own eco home.  Nothing was beyond his abilities, and if he had never tried his hand at something before, he read up on it and gave it his best shot.

He loved the land, the tender tendrils, the blooms, the berries, the fruit trees and the forest.  He loved to watch the sky and the clouds.  He anticipated the arrival of his birds every spring, and the curious wildlife that roamed his land.  His cathedral was built of mighty oaks and winding paths, the song of birds his choir.

I will miss you, my big brother, we who were the closest in age.  I will think of you as my Grizzly Adams with that big beard, and remember those times we walked on Vancouver Island to visit the new lambs and stopped along the way to eat those first sweet strawberries of the season.  You have given me so many beautiful memories, and best of all, the gift of you.

Be at peace now.  You will dwell in my heart forever.


  1. Marguerite, what a lovely blog post about Luc. I love the picture, you're right, it's just perfect! Thinking about you, Karl and family with love and deepest you.

    Talk to you soon ~ Judy

  2. Your blog so perfectly reflects the person and soul of our brother.
    Luv, Cecile

  3. Your words are so beautiful, Marguerite, so like you. I love Luc's picture. I imagine Luc looked just like this - turning, smiling and waving - as he entered heaven.

  4. Beautiful words, Marguerite. Luc knew how much you and your sibs loved him and that love binds you forever. Now he soars with the angels.

    Richard, Diane, Gen and Neil

  5. That is a great pic of Lou, hadn't seen it before. It really captures how happy he was on his acreage.