Monday, June 11, 2012

Vocabulary 101

Karl's vocabulary grows daily, and mine is tweaked with new phrases or different ways of expressing thoughts or items.  We're noticing that different regions within France sometimes have different words for the same thing.

watermelon - pasteque

cantaloupe - melon 
[There's a huge farm close by that grows melons, and it's called "Les Melons d'Alfred".]

lemon - citron;

lemonade - citronnade or limonade

lime - citron vert

bunch of carrots - botte de carottes

basket of strawberries - barquette de fraises

green pepper - poivron

jalepeno - piment vert

white grapefruit - pamplemousse

pink grapefruit - pomelo

haddock - eiglefin

Can you tell that Friday was market day?  The food is so fresh and so delicious!  No pesticides or sprays - just natural goodness.

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