Saturday, August 18, 2012


BREST is a natural harbour protected by the Presqu'Île de Crozon, and France's premier Atlantic naval port with a rich maritime history.  It's big and there is a lot to see, but given the rainy weather, we decided to spend our day at Océanopolis, a "sea centre" that has three vast pavilions simulating temperate, tropical and polar ecosystems.

With this huge polar bear snoozing on an ice floe, we must be entering the Polar Pavilion.

I think we ate his brothers last night!

Océanopolis immerses us in an underwater universe where we discover the flora and fauna of oceans around the world.

This ocean discovery park combines a scientific approach with a spectacular presentation of life in the oceans. The original approach, the ambition and the scale of the site, and the innovative way in which the themes are addressed are at the heart of Océanopolis' popularity.

Looks like we're entering the Tropical Pavilion.

Environmental seminars and events

In total, Océanopolis has a visiting area of 8 720 m², 50 aquariums (3.7 million litres of seawater) accommodating more than a thousand animal species (10 000 individuals), exhibits, videos, shows, and a complete educational program for school aged children.

Océanopolis has welcomed nearly 5 million visitors since 2000, and more than 8 million since its initial opening in 1990. It provides a perfect opportunity for French oceanographic research to display its most recent findings, and is constantly evolving in partnership with great scientific institutions and maritime professionals.

This is a tip of the hat to "Lonesome George", the last remaining giant tortoise of his kind, who passed away in the Galapagos Islands on June 24, 2012, at the age of approximately 100, making the Pinta Island Tortoise extinct.


Not a Great White, but a Killer Whale could be a tad dangerous...  even if they feel like our buddies since they are in our backyard in the Pacific Ocean.

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  1. beautiful pictures!! and the video looks great! Karl looks hilarious with his head in the shark's mouth :)