Monday, July 9, 2012

Cinéscénie du Puy du Fou

Spent a relaxing afternoon walking around Thouars before our big outing to the evening show of Puy du Fou.

Château de la Tremoille

Emélie & Gerry

Emélie took this photo of a poppy flower

A take on Romeo & Juliet

A man fishing in the Thouet

Becky & Gerry under the arch and Emélie on the left

Godfather Karl & Emélie

Spanning the bridge

Emélie, Becky & Gerry

Gerry is practicing his etiquette.  Memories of Richard doing the same when he was with us in France.

We stopped for dinner at Le Chat Huant in Les Herbiers to eat crêpes, or galettes as they are called here, which is what Emélie wanted.  The batter is made from buckwheat (blé noir ou "de la galette à sarrasin") and is heavy.  It is filled with cheese then topped with whatever we order: Emélie and Becky ordered the curried chicken, Gerry, Karl & I ordered the scallops.  None of us were able to finish because it was just too much.

Then off we went to see Cinéscénie at Puy du Fou.  This is their big evening extravaganza and we bought our tickets months ago.  WOW!  It's a unique live performance which recalls the history of this region of France, told by an old man to a young boy.  There are hundreds of actors, live animals, galloping steeds, water fountains and jets, and of course fireworks. 

This is the centre of the "stage", which is a castle, flanked by a tower and a village.

We came prepared for whatever weather we would get, and thank goodness we did because it was chilly and then started to rain for the last third of the show.  Nobody felt it had "dampened" their enjoyment, but I would have preferred a warmer and drier evening.

Do you think there was a crowd?  Thousands of people!  I think we had some of the best seats - right in the middle.

We were "doing the wave" while waiting for the show to start, and Emélie caught her Dad getting right into the swing of things!

Since there are no cameras or videos allowed during the performance itself, these are pictures taken off the Internet which gives you a small indication of the scope and grandeur.

 It was an absolutely mesmerizing "spectacle" as they say in French, and one we won't soon forget.  What an amazing show!

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