Thursday, July 12, 2012

French Girl

Emélie is discovering her French roots, and she thinks that some of it is quite wonderful!

Take for instance "le petit déjeuner" (breakfast).  What could be more perfect than a "chocolat chaud" (hot chocolate) served in a bowl.   The bowl is the perfect shape to hold with both your hands to keep them warm.  (Emélie told me this hot chocolate ranks right up there with some of the best she's EVER had!)

Of course you need a croissant (or two) to dip in your chocolat chaud and savour, one small bite at a time.  My stars in heaven - is this ever delicious!

Perhaps this is a look of ecstasy.   Pure satisfaction at least!  Breakfast wouldn't be complete without fruit, so Emélie ate a whole barquette of Charlotte strawberries which are sweet like candy.  "Can this be my petit déjeuner every morning?"

 The smell is as delicious as the taste...

 Then there are the cooks who deserve a glass or two of rosé as they prepare dinner! 

 We're having haddock dipped in eggs and breadcrumb, lightly fried in olive oil and butter, along with carrots, lemon, salad and baguette.  Lots of wine too!

We know how much Karl loves salad, so we're hurrying up to eat all the lettuce before he takes it from us.  (For those who may not catch the humour in this, Karl eats salad only under threat of having no dessert.)

For dessert we had an assortment of cookies with our coffee and tea.  Emélie has been introduced to the cookies called "langue de chat", which means cat's tongue, and she's adding those to her list of "good things in France".

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  1. Food, glorious food! I can almost taste the chocolat. Looks like you are having a blast with Gerry, Becky and Emilie. Say a big BONJOUR from us! Time is racing, a week away from the Big Day. Will be thinking of you. Enjoy the rest of your va-cay!