Thursday, July 19, 2012

Market Day

These photos speak for themselves.  If only you could smell the market with its medley of fish, meat, cheese, fresh produce.  You just salivate and dream of the delicious meals you can prepare with all this food.  Everything is fresh and for the most part - local.

Gerry admiring the variety

I see you!  Please choose me.

I see fish head soup in someone's future

Our favourite fish remains haddock.

My favourite fish monger - a very loud and very colourful man

This is the shell fish aisle.

What cut of meat do you like?  We have them all.
Remember the lovely roast we ate?

This is the butcher, M. Guy Boisseau, and his wife.

This is my favourite "fromager" (cheese seller).  He also sells jams that are perfect with a baguette and cheese.  I love the black cherry jam (Cerises Noires).

But there are so many others.  Some specialize in cow while others specialize in goat cheese.

Strawberry season is coming to a close.

Lovely mix of colour.

Emélie is eyeing one of her favourite foods...

Olives!  Those and pickles don't last long in the house.


Mixed garden veggies

Melons and more melons.

Weighing in on the matter.

Sweet and luscious and dripping with flavour.

Coeur de boeuf tomatoes

Let me reserve a BIG rotisserie chicken and some roasted potatoes for supper.  Yes, put the toothpick in that one and I'll be back at 12:10 to pick it up.

Perfectly cooked!

Another favourite of Emélie and Karl's: candied nuts.

Remember this guy?  He sells both chickens and eggs.

The chickens are live, of course.

I buy my eggs from this guy.  He mumbles and I can't always understand what he says, but his eggs are so fresh.

Sausages of every kind and spice level.

Ah, the bakery!

Buying strawberries is serious business.

Never keep strawberries in plastic!

Leave in the open-air basket and put in a paper bag.  Keeps in fridge for days.  Do not wash them first.

The Charlottes are right up there on the sweet scale.

Then there are the tiny field strawberries that are just as sweet.



Kiwi.  These are not local.



"Here, taste these - they're the best!"

Salad fixings

Our bounty, on display on the kitchen table.

Becky is still holding her shopping basket.

 Yum, yum, yum!

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