Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cycle-Rail in Charente Limousine

The Charente-Limousine Railway reveals the scenery in Northern Charente during an unusual excursion along an old railway line.  The 17-km route crosses Upper Haute-Charente and the rolling hills of Charente-Limousine, passing viaducts, rivers, streams, meadows and forests on the way.

Keep pedaling!

Press play to watch video

Each rail-bike is fitted with two sets of pedals, two adjustable saddles and three seats.  It is a perfectly safe (except for the insurance waiver we signed...) yet unusual way of seeing the valleys, meadows and hedgerows of the Limousin area of Charente.

Show some muscle power!

At midpoint, we stop for a 20-minute break before heading back to the start.  This time, because a train was following us, all the little cycles had to be physically removed and turned around, so they couldn't use the swivel that you see on the track.

Time to turn the cycles and get back to the start.

We found a great restaurant in Confolens called l'Emeraude that served "hot stone" dinners.

This is Emélie's steak and she ate every single last bite!  No wonder she's growing so fast - she's always hungry.

Both Becky and I ordered the salmon which was absolutely tender and wonderful.  It was served with a curcuma sauce - yummy!

Karl had pork tenderloin which was not served on a hot stone.  Gerry had a pizza.

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