Monday, July 23, 2012

Relais du Château

We've been trying to have dinner at the Relais du Château in Oiron for two years.  For some reason, we never managed it - till tonight.  The wait was worth it!

It all started with a salad that was unusual and delicious.  It had a piece of chèvre cheese wrapped in phyllo dough, heated up and melting when you cut into it.  That's when we realized we should be keeping a record of this, but by the time we pulled out our camera, the salad was gone!

I had the fish in a light creamy sauce with new potatoes, an assortment of colourful cubed veggies, and poached tomatoes.  Delicious!

Karl had the "canard confit" (which is the leg; magret is the breast) with the same side dishes.

My dessert was chocolat moëlleux with a mandarin sorbet.  Oh my!

Karl enjoyed his profiteroles to no end!  The coffee as well.

These are looks of pure satisfaction.  What a wonderful meal eaten in the courtyard.  Hope we have an opportunity to come again before we leave Thouars.

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