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Puy du Fou - Le Grand Parc

It all started with our FedEx guy.  He came to our house two years ago, delivering the documents for the Peugeot car lease, and asked where in Europe we were going.  When we said Thouars, he said he knew the area very well since he had worked for FedEx France for about 11 years.  So he gave us a lot of suggestions, including the Château de Tennessus, and of course Puy du Fou.  We are so grateful! 

Puy du Fou is not just an attractions theme park - there is no other experience like it in the world!  Stunning shows, authentic villages and non-stop live entertainment. 

(For our experience from two years ago, please check out:

The first show was "Le Secret de la Lance".  Marguerite is asked by Joan of Arc to guard the castle while Joan goes off to fight the religious wars.  Fortunately, Marguerite is given a magic lance which helps her ward off the enemy.

Joan of Arc arrives

Equestrian games are played so that the most agile and able knights join Joan of Arc on her quest.

Then, during all the revelry, the enemy arrives, camouflaged as pilgrims on the St. John de Compostela route.

Bad things happen...

... but Marguerite manages to ward them off.

Joan returns to a castle that is still intact!


The next show was "The Vikings".  We quake in fear as the Vikings arrive on a ship to sack the peaceful village.  The peasants, who were celebrating a wedding, must hide their treasures and animals, and especially the reliquary of their patron saint.

Miracles happen and the saint walks away from death, carrying a baby that the Vikings had drowned.  The peasants rejoice!

I do believe Puy du Fou has found a new viking!


The third show was "Le Bal des Oiseaux Fantômes" (The Ball of the Phantom Birds).  It is a true ballet of birds of prey.

Many birds arrive in a hot air balloon, and some leave following an ultra-light.  This show seems to have been a group favourite.


The fourth show was "Triumph's Sign" and was probably the most grandiose since it takes place in a Gallo-Roman coliseum.  There is a parade of the Governor's riches, followed by games to determine whether the Christians will live or die.

Chariot drivers circle the arena, showing off their horses, and hoping for crowd support.

Chariot races begin

The race is fast and furious.  Who will win, no one knows.

The winner (White horses, of course)

The final celebratory parade begins.

Roman Centurion


There was a fifth show called "Les Mousquetaires de Richelieu", but there were no cameras or videos allowed in the theatre.


Becky & Gerry are following our example and taking photos of all their meals!

They had ham and fries with a side salad, but they were in a rush to see everything at Puy du Fou so couldn't stop for a very long sit-down dinner.

Karl and I had the advantage of having been here before, so we took the time for dinner in the Bourg, a town from 1900.

Yes, duck again, with roasted potatoes and salad.

Delicious apple tart for dessert.


Between all the main shows, you can visit villages, forests, and mini performances.  This is the Medieval Village where artisans ply their trades.



Barrel Maker

Eventually, all these will be filled with pressed grapes...

Neat wine holder.  Seems to stand on its own!

Here I am among the crowd, looking at the fish in the moat.

One new section at Puy du Fou was "Les Fables de La Fontaine".  (Think French version of Aesop's fables.)

La Poule aux Oeufs d'Or

Just like the Goose that laid the golden egg.

Le Chêne et le Roseau

This section had a number of busts that appeared to be plaster, but had mouths of plastic since the music started and the busts began to sing!  There was the soprano, the alto, the tenor, the bass.  Even the piano notes moved.

Throughout the grounds, there were animals and birds of every kind.  A little farm zoo of sorts.

Oh dear, more wild animals!

Baudet mules

A tiny lady bug

The three little pigs

Maman and her poussins


Emélie riding the pig on the Merry-Go-Round


The evening show was called "Les Orgues de Feu".  Music, water jets, people gliding on water, fireworks coming out of the organ pipes.  Very impressive!

That was our day at Puy du Fou - tiring, but too exciting to take a rest.  The weather was cool and we were comfortable, but perhaps TOO cool in the evening...  All in all, a wondrous and enjoyable time!

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