Sunday, July 22, 2012


Saint-Généroux is important since it was part of the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage route.  The packhorse bridge in the centre of the village is where pilgrims would have journeyed.  It is old cobblestone and difficult to walk on.  A great place to twist an ankle if you're not careful!

Two very old pilgrims holding hands and walking towards the church

In your mind's eye, can you not see the pilgrims with their dark clothes, making their way across the bridge and wondering how many more kilometers, how many more months are left before they reach their destination...

The church is one of the oldest in France. Built in the 9th century, it was a popular resting place for pilgrims. In the half light, one can almost conjure an image of them kneeling at the altar or resting in the base of the pillars.

Then you step out of the church because the bells are ringing, marking the 19th hour of the day.

Au Bon Accueil

We were so happy to get back to a favourite restaurant of ours from two years ago: Au Bon Accueil.  We chatted with the proprietor and enquired about her sons, getting older, advancing in school.  She remembered us.  The food was as wonderful as ever!

It's a family-style restaurant where food comes in platters and bowls, and we just help ourselves.  Plentiful and delicious!

The entrée had 3 different salads: potato salad, shredded carrot salad, and rice with fish bits.  Hard boiled eggs decorated the plate.

The next dish was white fish in a beurre blanc sauce with lots of lemon and some garlic.  SOOoo tasty!  Some thought it was the highlight of the meal.

The common veggie platter: green beans, croquettes and fries.

We each ordered a meat of our choice, like ham,

or duck.

Then came this platter of cheese - so many choices!

Some of us were introduced to "Île Flottante" for the very first time: egg whites, usually poached, floating in Crème Anglaise and topped with caramel.

Some of us had the chocolate mousse which was soft and creamy and oh so decadent!  Another excellent dinner.

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