Saturday, July 7, 2012

Strolling Around Thouars

Emélie is growing fast - tall as the door in this one!

How bad were you?

No day is complete without a treat.  Just a little meringue picked up at one of the pâtisseries!


  1. Hi there.
    Sorry I'm a bit late to the party here, but Google Alerts only just picked up your blog... excuses over.

    Let me introduce myself. I'm Steve and my wife is Alison. We live just on the outskirts of Misse and Thouars in Croix de Chambre opposite the hospital.

    We moved out here two years ago, although we bought our house back in 2005.

    Glad you are liking Thouars, it's undiscovered by most people, which is why we like it.

    I will bookmark your blog and look forward to many more posts.


  2. Hi M and Karl,

    Steve didn't realise when he posted that you and I know each other. I'm the Alison you met at the writing course at the Circle of Misse in 2010. Glad to see you are here and perhaps we could meet up for a glass of local wine?

    1. Of course I remember you! Please contact me through the email address found under my Auntie M profile so that we can chat more privately. Cheers!