Thursday, July 19, 2012

Love Story

There once was a snail whose nickname was Cargo.  He derived his name from either his unusual bulk, or simply because his French friends knew he was an escargot.  Cargo was in love with the very mobile mollusk next door, the attractive Miss Molly-La-La.

One day, when Cargo was just meandering in the garden, very much aware of the attractive Miss Molly-La-La munching on a blade of grass, a huge man with a bushy moustache snatched him up and put him in a pail.  What a shock to be moved in such a brusk manner, and what a shock to discover many of his friends and cousins crowded in that deep pail!  They soon realized that they were on their way to the Fine Deux-Sèvres French Cuisine Resto, to be served with garlic and butter and a touch of white wine to discriminating patrons.  Oh, nightmare of nightmares!

The attractive Miss Molly-La-La saw the whole episode unfold right before the eyes on her tentacles, and made haste to follow her muscular mollusk.  But try as she might, she couldn't reach him and her cries went unheard in the distance.

Once in the restaurant, Cargo planned his escape.  As soon as the mustachioed chef would tip the pail into the sink, he would sneak away and head for the door.  Luck was on his side and he managed just that.

With much panting and groaning and supreme effort, the two invertebrates made their way to each other.  Never had their shells weighed so much or felt so cumbersome!  Never had the path been so rough and rocky!

A famous photographer happened on the scene and witnessed the scenario.  Cargo's muscles strained with the effort, and the attractive, and most mobile Miss Molly-La-La managed to hurry faster than she'd ever moved before.   Soon they would be close, soon they would touch, soon they would be together forever!

Estimated time of embrace: 1 hour 14 minutes.

"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see."  ~ Thoreau

This touching love story was brought to you by Writing Works.  Photography by BG&E Productions.

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