Friday, July 6, 2012

They're Here!

The train pulled in to the "Gare de Thouars" (train station) right on time.

And there they were!  Becky, Emélie and my brother Gerry stepped off the train feeling a bit tired, but exhilerated to be in France.

Home at last - enjoying the courtyard.

It's a trip that's been planned for almost a year and now is finally happening.  Hooray!

Lucky Emélie - she has her own bedroom and bathroom!

Time for a snack and lots of water.

As Emélie's godparents, we wanted to buy her a little something to remember her first time in France, and first time in Paris.

They're ear-rings!  I love them!


The only down side to being here at this time is the construction going on - right in front of the door!  (Rerun from two years ago...)

These are two of the actors who posed for the occasion.  They weren't signing autographs.

When you look out the window, this is the frame you see.  Not only attractive, but noisy and dusty...

Emélie figures there's a future in heavy machine operation, so she's trying out the tractor.

Gerry thinks he might consider a change of careers!

Best is to sit in the courtyard while the workers take their extended lunch and enjoy a meal of our own.  Those baguettes, ham, cheese and pickles are awfully good!  Wait till they settle in from their jet lag and taste the wine!

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